Landseer Gardens Festival, 11 and 12 July

Poster for the film Hairspray

Venue: Landseer Gardens, Landseer Road, N19


Tickets: FREE


Please note that this event will go ahead unless it continuously rain. Please call 07975 758 756 for the latest updates on this event.

Classics in the Park

Pianist Mark Swartzentruber takes us on an engaging and informative tour of the Viennese classics, from the sparkling, folksy wit of Haydn and the lyrical humanity of Mozart to the stormy melodrama of Beethoven's 'Tempest' Sonata.


An outdoor screening of the feelgood musical comedy starring John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken and Queen Latifah. Follow teen Tracy Turnblad as she seeks stardom as dancer on local TV whilst rallying against racial segregation. Hairspray has a PG certificate.

SATURDAY 12 JULY 12.00-8.30PM

Landseer Music Festival

Please note change of venue: this event will now take place at The Landseer pub, Landseer Road, N19.

The Landseer Music Festival is a event that showcases North London and Holloway young talent.

This year the festival features The Supernovas, Hello Geiger, Traci Hunter, The Urban Voodoo Machines, The Virgin Active Group and the Seventh Adventist Church Choir.

For those who like it more upbeat, this year the Landseer 4th Music Festival has a very special selection of established local DJs: Chris Liberator, Clodagh Mccann, Damien Unbroken, Jack mini Jack, Richie D also known as The Toes and Nacho Deporpatas.

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