Postcards from Holloway Exhibition Launch


Elena Sansigre reflects on this photographic homage to Holloway.

Postcards from Holloway will be on display at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Rd, N7 6PA  from 2 June-27 July 2014. 

The exhibition ‘Postcards from Holloway’ opened on Monday 2 June as part of the Holloway Arts Festival programme. The event was busy and everyone enjoyed a glass of wine while chatting about the festival and the show and talking with the artists that were present.

Postcards from Holloway is a group photography exhibition displaying very different perspectives on this particular area of Islington. Each photographer was inspired by a different aspect of it. Richard Butchins portrayed Londoners every day during one year, creating an album of snapshots, while Caroline Mardon’s portraits tell individual and intimate stories about different business owners from the area.

Jane Parker’s interest lies in the architecture of the area and her photographs discover the details of London’s concrete and brick urban space, although admitting that nowadays she is most of the time tracing the city with her smartphone rather than her full camera equipment.

On the other hand, Héloïse Bergman aims to find more tender scenes, displaying pictures taken at Freightliner’s Farm.

Sheryl Tait’s photographs have a surreal and delicate atmosphere, which contrasts strongly with the everyday images of Josh Redman who shows the indoors and outdoors of Holloway in microcosmic detail.

As a whole the photographs create an homage to the community of Holloway, recording all the things that come and go and that we sometimes do not get a chance to know.

The exhibition tells a visual tale of the area that reflects the diverse programme of events taking place during Holloway Arts Festival 2014. Following the title of the exhibition, postcards of the images are available to purchase on site, as souvenirs of that small, intimate trip to Holloway Road that everyone is welcome to take to Resource for London until the 27th of July.


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