Postcards from Holloway

Mon 2 June 2014 7.00 - 8.30pm
Resource for London
356 Holloway Rd
N7 6PA Free - no need to book.

An exhibition that highlighted the many delights of Holloway.
Selected photographers exhibited large scale images of Holloway that will have you looking at the streets of Holloway in a whole new way.

Héloïse Bergman is a Kiwi photographer, currently based in London. She originally studied textile design in Wellington and later gained a BA in fine art and an MA in photography in London. After more than twelve years photographing Time Out Guide Books around the world, she has recently shifted her focus to documentary photography and is currently working on several long-term projects including ‘Tā Moko – Modern Māori Warriors’ in New Zealand. Héloïse mixes environmental portraits with staged documentary in order to share stories in a thought provoking way, and often uses installation or performance art to add another dimension to exhibitions of her work. 

Richard Butchins is a documentary film maker, artist and writer. One photograph of a Londoner everyday for a year. Every person was born and raised in London. This is a simple idea. I found and photographed one Londoner every day for a year, posting their photo on a blog.  I used my small digital camera to take the photographs. My definition, for the purposes of the blog, of a Londoner, was someone born and raised in London. I suppose it’s a documentary, but I had no idea who would be in it as I had to find a Londoner every day and photograph them, their name age, where they where born and where they where photographed is all the information that’ll goes with the picture.

Caroline Mardon has been working as a professional photographer for 26 years. She specialises in portraits, interiors, social documentary and travel having previously worked as a stills photographer for film and TV, and her work has been published in magazines, books and journals worldwide. Since moving to London in the late ’80′s she has always lived in Islington - a stone’s throw from both ends of the Holloway Road and has witnessed the changing face of the street’s character and it’s businesses over this time. For the last 4 years, she has been photographing some of the owners and their shops for her ongoing personal photographic project about the Holloway Road and as many of these places have now closed her work is forming an archival history of this part of the borough.

Jane Parker has lived in Holloway for 25 years. She is interested in the details, patterns and hints of the past that can be found on, around and above London’s streets which she photographs and puts together as montages to accompany her thoughts, observations and ideas on her website The idea for the site started when Jane took some pictures of some old signs in Holloway Road and was surprised to hear that other N7 and N19 residents had never noticed them before. Jane is mostly interested in those details that have a historical context, such as original pub names embedded in the fabric if the building, hand-painted signs, shop clocks, weather vanes, coal holes, boot scrapers, tiled walls, door bells, mosaic entrance ways and decorative reliefs.

Josh Redman moved to London mid 2013, and has been loving the new life that Holloway has to offer.  Josh takes photos in a variety of ways, from Still Life to journalistic street type images and portraiture.  As well as spending a lot of time on personal projects, Josh works as a professional photographer for newspapers and private clients.  His work can be seen at

Sheryl Tait is a photographer and has lived in Holloway for the past 14 years. Coming from a background in theatre and film, she discovered photography during her frequent ‘resting’ periods. With her passion for people and love for a chat, her work naturally fell towards portraiture. Her personal work involves creating images in a set up environment, often with a dark and theatrical and style. Along with winning several awards for her work, Sheryl’s images has been exhibited in various galleries across the UK, most recently in Four Corners Gallery (London) and Fuse Art Space (Bradford) as part of the Portrait Salon exhibition. She will have a piece showing in the Laura Noble Gallery this summer.

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