Female Singer/Songwriter Competition Final

Venue: Lauderdale House, Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill, N6 5HG

Date: Tuesday 29 June 2010

Time: 8-10pm

Tickets: £5 on the door (subject to availability)

Free optional online booking

Final of Holloway Arts Festival's Female Singer/Songwriter Competition. Expect high standards of vocals and music as the finalists compete for the top spot. Suitable for all ages.

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The finalists are:

Dawn of the Swan
Phoebe Wright-Spink
Rachele Whatever
Rebecca Hope
Sinead Coffey


Bunty landed on Kassia’s bouncy bedhead in the year of 2006 when time seemed to be going on and on, making all days incredibly long. So long that the surrounding sounds were stretched out, illuminating all their intricate clacks, booms, ticks and scrapes. Listening closer in between were thousands of other sounds- tiny, miniscule samples of songs, rhymes, textures and tales. And there by Bunty’s feet... a machine that could collect them all together and electroshoot them out of her mouth as if by magic.
Live, Bunty uses just her voice, effects pedals and and a mix match of real and made-up languages. She whispers, bellows, beatboxes, claps, stamps and produces frenzied harmonies to create her music from scratch. Each show is different with a large portion of her sets relying on improvisation and off-the-cuff inspiration. Bunty flits deftly from beautifully serene choral soundscapes and psyche folk to stomping funkadelia and Arabian disco.

For more information go to www.buntyvoid.com

Phoebe Wright-Spinks

"I’m Phoebe Wright-Spinks, a 17 year old singer/songwriter. I love playing piano, singing and performing my songs. I mainly perform solo but I also like collaborating on tracks with others artists. I also play clarinet, guitar, and whatever I can get my hands on. I’ve played in ‘Passing Clouds’, ‘The Others’, open mic nights as well as pubs. I generally get inspired by life but also from the things I see cycling round London or strange nights out. My musical inspiration are along the lines of classical music, all the old time bands, jazz, pop. Right now, I’m doing my first year of A levels in La Swap Consortium - English lit, history, digital art and music."

For more information go to www.myspace.com/pheeeebs

Rachele Whatever

"my name is rachele and when I grow up I want to be just like all those other celebrities. I want to sing pretty songs about how god damn sexy I am whilst at the same time promoting virginity, innocence and 'girl power'. I'm going to talk about REAL issues like how being fat is ugly and how I found inner peace in some unkown madeup religion. Whilst at it I may 'adopt' a range of multicultural babies who will then be brought up by nannies and security gaurds. When I get even bigger I'm going to write about how hard it is being so very very rich and how i had to have a coke problem because all the others had one...and when I become a crack addict you'll give me all sorts of awards! awwwww- its sooooo hard being this creative!

I'm a happy bunny cos just finished recording my album with Ken Rose at Livingstone Studios- its called ''Anti-Established and Unpalatable'' and should be available to buy shortly! I have recently been lucky enough to be a regular opening act at Camden Underworld opening for all Punk/Reggae acts that come through- this year I have supported The Subhumans, The Aggrolites, Chris Murray, Penetration, The Skints, King Blues, Sonic Boom 6 and a load of other great bands! Being acoustic and having the gift of the gab has also meant ive supported Kimya Dawson and performed with The Bobby Mcgees as well as the poet laurette of Birmingham!"

For more information go to www.myspace.com/rachelewhatever

Rebecca Hope

Rebecca Hope is an astonishing new British talent.

She is a captivating vocalist who has travelled this year from North London to India to the Sahara recording with musicians from across the globe.

She creates a heart-felt world of hypnotic melody and voice. Rebecca weaves her words with delicate guitar and the ancient hammered dulcimer to tell stories of life and loves, fire and floods, sweetness and pain.

‘Strong and sweet, her voice goes straight to the heart and stays there.’

Her music, from her soon to be released debut album, is a voyage across the world with musicians from all its corners.  Guitar, harp, cello, bouzouki, flute, cajon and hang, shape her unique songs, inspired by life and loves, its troubles and triumphs.  Rebecca is a self-taught guitarist and vocalist.  Music arrived like lightning, one day in 2001 in Paris.  She picked up her father's guitar to find a way to the music that filled her thoughts and the journey began.

For more information go to www.myspace.com/rebeccahopemusic

Sinead Coffey

Fairly new to the acoustic circuit, Irish-born, London-bred Sinead Coffey has in mere months, entranced audiences with her honeyed yet powerful voice. Her acoustic guitar-based tunes are compelling and hypnotic, stumbling amongst the ruins of relationships and possibilities.  
Writing songs mainly from the comforts of her bed, the singer-songwriter picked up the guitar at 16. Years later braving the stage for the first time, in the busy basement of a Leicester student union. Her distinct sound – bittersweet vocals, liquid melodies, folk influences with just a tiny hint of pop sensibility – never fails to rouse.  
In the midst of writing and recording new material during the summer, Sinead can be found hopping from one gig to the next, enjoying all the sounds London has to offer.

For more information go to www.myspace.com/sineadcoffeymusic