Holloway Drawing Club

Sun 1 June and/or Sat 7 June 2014
10.30 - 12.30pm

Venue TBC
£3 Please book here

Capacity 10 - 15

“When do kids start painting? One or two? That’s when we all start, then some of us pack it up, I carried on” -  Vic Reeves

Holloway Drawing Club is a series of drawing sessions that are designed to unlock your creative urges. You don’t need to have any great ability, in fact you don’t need to have any ability at all, all you need is a bit of willing to get you down to the club. Anyone can join the club, no age or ability restrictions. The nature of the drawing allows individuals to feel free to experiment without becoming inhibited or over precious about what they produce. The drawing club can potentially unlock creative blocks or re-ignite a love for drawing. There won’t be any technical lessons or any kind of assessment of an individuals ability. The drawing will be a large scale ‘free draw’ with a few guidelines to get the ball rolling, people will be invited to draw simple shapes and then to move freely around a large single piece of paper, getting down to smaller details as they go, adding to other peoples drawings is encouraged.

In short the club is more about enjoying the freedom of drawing, than being good at it.
Bring old clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on, we will provide materials.

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