Mayton Street Festival Film Screenings

in the Old Fire Station from 1-5pm

All the films were entirely written and produced by young people of various ages (6 to 21). (As a result delete) each film contains a powerful youth message and provides a platform for young people to express their thoughts and feelings on some very topical issues, including migration and children’s rights.

All the films to be shown have been produced by Rowan Arts or film maker Lara Leslie

Films will be screened in the Old Fire Station from 1-5pm, during Mayton Street Festival on Saturday 1 June.

Hidden Lives

by Islington Arts and Media School and Montem Primary School, Islington

A poetic journey into migration and what it feels like to be a migrant, from the eyes of Year 5 pupils at Montem Primary school.


by Islington Arts and Media School and Duncombe Primary School, Islington

Year 5 pupils at Duncombe Primary School express what they think about children’s rights through an exploration of the Convention of the Rights of the Child (1989) and animations using M&M sweeties.

The Wood Cutter

by Islington Arts and Media School and Pakeman Primary School, Islington

Years 3 and 4 have written a modern fairy tale about the destruction of the world’s rainforests and perform this through a combination of acting, animations and narration. The film is purposefully comedic in order to convey poignant messages about greed and the destruction of the environment.


by Fitzrovia Youth in Action and Music and Change, Camden

Rewind explores the impact of mental illness on young people through a powerfully shot and professionally produced film and original music score (written and played by the young people).

How to do Oral History - A Short Guide

This film is a short guide to what Oral History is and how to do it. It was made by young people working with by filmmaker Sasha Hoare as part of the project "Born and Bred - Stories of Holloway" - where 51 people, who were born and raised in London, tell their stories and their connection to Holloway.

Water Dance

by Moreland Primary School

A short film made by pupils from Moreland Primary School working with film maker Suzanne Cohen as part of the project Plunging into History - Stories from Ironmonger Row Baths and Beyond. Through photography, oral history and historical research, Plunging Into History explores, documents and celebrates the social and cultural importance of Ironmonger Row Baths and the surrounding area in south Islington. The project culminated in a website, book and exhibition

An Alien in Holloway

Humorously voiced and animated by a group of 9-13 year olds, working with filmmaker Suzanne Cohen at a week-long workshop at Rowan Arts. A delightful tale of a lonely Alien who lands in Holloway in search of friendship.

Worm Man

by Tufnell Park Primary School

Tufnell Park Primary school pupils, aged 8-11 years old, worked with film maker Anna Boggon to create handmade animation. "Worm Man" is a short film about the adventures of a worm which turns into a man after eating a delicious magic seed. An inventive and funny story that follows the adventures of a confused man as he passes through spaces.

Wake Up!

by Grafton Primary School

A group of pupils from Grafton Primary School aged between 8-11 years old working with (and under the mentorship of) filmmaker Tessa Garland, use live art, artwork and music score as their mediums to create Wake Up!, an inventive, quirky, surreal adventure in which the inner landscapes of one girls imagination are brought alive in box rooms.

Daily Olympics

Young people aged between 14-19 years old created a 1-minute animation inspired by how they relate to the Olympics and how it is evident in everyday life. The group used a hand-drawn rotoscoping technique to draw over and manipulate live footage in experimental and interesting ways. In doing so, the animation highlights the movement, shape and speed of people travelling through the Olympics 2012 host city of London.

The Making of 'The Daily Olympics'

Volunteer Filmmaker Adriana Paramo filmed the group of young people as they worked on the Daily Olympics film, following them as they learnt about the rotoscoping animation techniques, through to creating the animation and producing a soundtrack for the film. The first team created the animation using rotoscoping technique and the second team produced the soundtrack.

Hip Hop Heritage

by the Cornwallis Youth Project

Members of the Cornwallis Youth Project worked with artist David Blandy to make a documentary film which investigates the history of hip-hop and its impact on London society. It was funded by HLF's Young Roots Programme.

This video was filmed, edited, and promoted by members of the Cornwallis Youth Club - all skills that were developed during the course of the project. The film features in-depth interviews with people from the area and also 'experts' in the field, like DJ’s Trevor Nelson from BBC Radio 1 and Dave VJ from Choice FM, and MC’s Skinnyman and Infinite Livez.

Die and Live Again!

by Hargrave Park Scool

During the October 2009 half-term, 11 children aged 8-11 participated in the 'Make a Scary Movie' project at Hargrave Park School in Archway. producing a short film based on a script written by young people during Holloway Arts Festival 2009.

As well as acting in the short film, the young people were able to direct the live action and input into the editing process - including special effects. The end result, Die and Live Again!, was screened at the main Halloween event.

The project was produced in partnership with Chocolate Films and funded by First Light.