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Summer fun sensation

Holloway Arts Festival 2012 will storm the streets 1 - 10 June. Expect an eye-popping riot of music, comedy, poetry, scintillating symposia, and outdoor events in local parks - as well as a street party like no other.

Festival Highlights

A L Kennedy

Get ready to be amused. Celebrated for her irony, originality and dead-pan wit, A. L. Kennedy is a writer of novels, short stories and non-fiction. She is also a popular stand-up comedian, making regular appearances at comedy clubs and the Edinburgh Fringe. A.L. Kennedy is passionate about language. She will share with us how she coaxed, found and nurtured her voice, the very proof of life.

A L Kennedy will be performing as part of our Sunday Best programme. More details on how to get tickets (here).

'Connecting Conversations' with the Ballet Boyz

We are proud to announce the next practioners to take part in our critically aclaimed 'Connecting Conversations' series will be William Trevitt and Michael Nunn, founders of pioneering dance company Ballet Boyz. The conversation will take place with psychoanalyst Luis Rodríguez de la Sierra and will explore their role in changing the perception of ballet within the dance world and beyond.

Tickets for this event will be available soon.

Trans-Siberian March Band

A London based 10 piece brass led fusion of the greats of Balkan and Macedonian brass and a carnivalesque Latin style dressed up London mayhem. They March and play on stage and bring a certain Party vibe akin to a Gypsy wedding to everywhere they go.

Trans-Siberian March Band will be performing at our Mayton Street Festival, (click here) for full line-up.

Holloway Arts Festival banner design by Elli Chortara